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Monday, 18 January 2010 14:00

Technology Market 01/2010

ΑΝΚΟ as an Enterprise Europe Network - Hellas member informs you on the latest technology offers:



Technology Description


A Hungarian SME has developed supplementary tools for interactive whiteboards (IWBs). Main advantages: by using LEGO-type modular elements, the technology on offer may help existing IWBs to become more versatile. The technology is ideal for educational institutions and companies which provide internal trainings. The company is seeking an industrial partner to replace aluminium parts with plastic ones, and as well as a partner for serial production of supplementary tools.


A UK company offers a non-contact thermometer that measures the temperature of metal pipes, plastic storage vessels etc without touching them - to make sure they are within an acceptable temperature range to limit the growth of this deadly bacteria. With hundreds already being used in UK public buildings, the easy to operate thermometers have a built in laser pointer so there is no guesswork in where the instrument is aimed. The company is seeking additional industrial/commercial partners.


A UK environmental company offers an innovative system that crushes used fluorescent tubes quickly & safely on site. The EC marked system improves the health & safety of workers and minimises the bulk of used lamps at customer premises before removal to a recycling plant. Advantages include ease of use, reduced storage and minimal environmental emissions associated with transport. The company seeks commercial partners active in the disposal/collection/recycling of fluorescent tubes.


An Israeli SME has developed an innovative biofeedback system used to prevent from sleep-related breathing disorders. The device is cost-effective, enables many applications (the unavailable before) and a very high precision of measuring. The company is looking for industrial partners / research institutes (centers) interested in further development and testing the new applications.


An Israeli SME has developed the Internet software as a service enabling SMBs (small-medium businesses) to create and deliver transactional and marketing personalized document content. The document is arranged according to the demand, is transferred instantly; the process is low-cost and effectively performed over all existing media channels. The company is looking for a strategic partner with investment support, the other interactions are acceptable.


An inventor from southern Sweden has developed a parkscooter with innovative solutions that makes it very user- friendly and easy handle. The unique qualities make it especially useful for maintenance of parks, churchyards, residential areas etc. The parkscooter has two batteries and that is enough for a working day. The Swedish inventor is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


An Italian company has developed a system for apples management and packaging. It can be defined as the most efficient and flexible system on this market because of the new upgrades that it offers. The product belongs to the industrial software class which deals with the management of productive plant and can manage the optimization of productive activities from clients orders to the finished product consignment. The company is searching for partners for technical cooperation and manufacturing.


A french technical center with expertise and facilities in turbochargers tests, offers its services and devices for methodology development in measurements and metrology. The laboratory has obtained the internationaly recognized standard for testing and calibration ISO / IEC 17025. They offer an expertise and contribution in five physical units. Partners for technical cooperation, commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.


A French SME, R&D-oriented in the ultrasonic technologies, offers its expertise and know-how for diverse applications and customized solutions from the R&D and prototype steps, to the industrial production of ultrasounds-using tools and equipments according to the requirements and sectors. All kind of partners are sought for technical cooperation, commercial agreement, manufacturing of innovative devices.


A Swedish SME manufactures biodiesel processors, equipped with a patented, water-free, cleaning process step. The biodiesel processor is very robust and reliable, with high sustainability potential. All raw material and biodiesel exposed parts are made of stainless steel to ensure long lifetime. The SME is looking for technical cooperation with owners of raw material for installation and production of biodiesel.


A Portuguese software company has developed a software application that can manage all the aspects connected with food production, namely traceability and HACCP, in all kind of food industries. Advantages over other existing applications are its modular architecture, which allows quick configuration of the system for application in different industrial segments and transparent integration with multiple devices (sensors, PDAs, computers, etc.). The company is seeking partners in the food sector.


A Spanish company devoted among other activities to design and manufacturing of scientific intruments has developed an electrometer for the measurement of ultra-low electric currents (1-10,000 fA). This technology works through wireless communication, battery powered, and can measure currents at high voltages, and of charged aerosols or ionized gases. The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance and technical cooperation.


A Finnish SME has developed a new, innovative modular ballistic protection system which is a light weight modular fragment and bullet threat protection system consisting of two kind of panel modules, squares and triangles. The system is easy to adapt for various military, police and peace keeping applications. Partners from different fields of industry are being sought for the development of further applications and to exploit the existing know-how.


A Portuguese SME has developed a fast method for analysing olive, olive oils and olive pomace chemical parameters in a few minutes without the necessity for reagents. The company is seeking partners that need to analyse large amounts of olive, olive oil or olive pomace samples in a short time for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


A Portuguese SME specialised in image analysis and computer vision has developed a software application that can detect bank robberies in real-time video sequences. The software can be used in automatic surveillance systems for automatic robbery detection. The company is looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Portuguese SME specialised in computational simulation has developed a tool to support automobile accident reconstruction. The software aims to help insurance companies and legal entities that need to find how specific accidents occur. The company is seeking partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.


A Swedish SME has developed a smart waste sorting system. The concept is an automatic optical sorting of waste from households. The SME is looking for technical and/or future commercial cooperation with firms in the waste business.


SMEs consortium of Italy, active in the most advanced industry fields such as Micro and Nano Technologies, Information & Communication Technology, Telecommunication, Environment technologies, Pharmaceuticals and production of composite materials, offer an innovative platform designed for networked enterprises or multi-departmental enterprises to ease communication and allow collaboration across organisations and/or departments.


A Spanish company, specialised in ICT technologies for the social and health sectors, has developed a web management system for disease and disability associations. The system models the work processes at an administrative, clinical and social level empowering the work of the professionals. The system integrates communication modules that enable a cooperative work between associations and professionals. The company is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Swedish SME has the knowledge to plan, establish and maintain bio gas plants. Their knowledge base is wide after installation and running several power plants in Sweden. The SME is looking for technical co operation with municipality or companies working with state or government.

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