• What can Enterprise Europe Network do for my company?
    The Enterprise Europe Network can help you with developing business activities or technological cooperation, provide advice on support for innovative business and how to access risk finance. It can also explain the opportunities available from EU programmes and funding. All services are offered by each network partner as a one stop shop service for companies. They are mainly directed at start-ups and existing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but may also be used by larger companies, research institutes, universities, technology centres and business and innovation development agencies. More than 500 contact points in some 40 European countries are part of the network.

  • Can network partners help organise meetings with companies in other European countries?
    Yes, network partners regularly organise missions and brokerage events for local SMEs everywhere in Europe and beyond. On the basis of their clients' particular interests, they take care of all the logistics - arrange meetings, provide venues, make travel and  ccommodation arrangements - to ensure the process of business and technology cooperation runs smoothly.

  • Is European funding available through the network?
    The network can provide assistance and advice to enterprises seeking help in looking for debt and risk capital, participating in the various EU funded programmes, particularly those that target SMEs, but does not provide finance directly to companies. The network can also help businesses to exploit the results which stem from European RTD projects.

  • Can the network assist with marketing and commercial transactions?

    The network can assist in finding business partners and in the development of cross-border business and technology cooperation between companies or research institutes, but cannot help companies sell their products and services.

  • Can the network help with business and technology cooperation outside the EU?
    Yes. The network has contact points outside the Union as well. Besides the 27 Member States the Enterprise Europe Network has partners in Turkey, the Western Balkans, the EEA countries and other third countries. However, in practice, the vast majority of activities are expected to be within the EU.

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